Arcamens (On Github)

Supported open source projects by Arcamens


Github organization to hold applications and plugins for Untwisted, a minimalist framework to abstract internet protocols in order to minimize effort for implementing networking applications in Python.

See also: Sukhoi


Github organization to hold Vy and its plugins. Vy is a vim-like written in python with (DRY) principle in its veins. It is a totally keyboard oriented IDE with built-in support for python and extern support for Golang, Javascript, Ruby through plugins.


Crocs is a small framework to minimize the effort of implementing and testing Regex's.


HTML-split XSLT templates is an XSLT template (a program written in XSLT programming language), which splits an XHTML file into several "chapters" and also creates a table of content (ToC).


Command Communication Library. Spawn an OS command with given input and receive its output


Convert between XML namespaces automatically

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