Abstract to divide, divide to rule!

Ideal for all teams whose main goals are flexibility and productivity.


Arcamens has the best cost/benefit $4.27/user. Storage 5GB/user paid plans, 300MB free plans. Arcamens gives total support to open source organizations with a costless plan. Arcamens was built on top of Django, the amazing web framework. We believe in the open source ideology.

Agile Methodologies

Arcamens allows you to apply many agile methodologies It doesn't enforce a specific one. The goals behind Arcamens UI and tools were to boost the customer flexibility when designing the business workflow. You don't need to know any agile methodology at all to come up with a strong strategy to rule your business.

Scrum Methodology

With arcamens boards and groups you can apply scrum methodology in many different ways. Ideas, suggestions, user stories can go over groups where features can be prioritized or forked into kanban board cards.


Arcamens allows multiple organizations attached to a given account. You can have as many organizations as you want regardless of the plan you pay for. Organizations can be public or private, public organizations give you the ability to expose your work to the world also it is a great way of your business partners to interact with your business teams. Public organizations are great for organizations that have open source projects. Users can have different roles, users can be staff, members or contributors. Each one of the roles have specific permissions regarding boards and groups. Such a permission scheme in Arcamens is perfect to improve collaborative work in all kind of scenaries both in private and public projects. You can easily integrate all your business's branches effortlessly.


Groups can play several roles when designing a business workflow. When mixed up with arcamens's boards it is a powerful tool for optmizing the workings of a business. Groups's posts can be used to delegate tasks, notify events, sharing knowledge or social interaction. Not all business demand the usage of boards for task delegation thus groups can be used to integrate all your business sectors.

Kanban Boards

Kanban boards have been the ultimate tool to boost teams productivity in the past years. Arcamens's boards are displayed in a new and powerful manner. It gives the users a perfect perspective of lists and cards. There is no such a thing like drag&drop for moving cards around, it implements the concept of clipboard, you copy, cut and paste cards or lists it increases productivity in an impressive manner. Cards are displayed under the perfect perspective to favour the worker cognition. The worker can easily browse card forks or parents. Cards can be mentioned by links from other cards, it creates relations which show up altogether with other relevant information.


Arcamens provides tagging mechanisms for groups's posts and boards's cards as well as user tagging. Information is not information when it is not well classified thus tagging mechanism allows a high level of organization which entails better productivity.

Event System

Collaborative work is all about what your team is working on or planning. Arcamens has a powerful event system it allows managers to easily keep track of what employees are doing and how them are doing as well giving feedback quickly. Every worker action generates an event, such events can be feedbacked out by you. It makes all kind of worker's actions to be criticized in an organized manner thus improving your workers's performance and work quality. It implements notification using web pushes which allows you to always be aware of what is going on.


Arcamens UI was carefully designed to be intuitive and highly flexible it works seamlessly over mobiles with subtle differences.

Software Development

Arcamens integrates with Bitbucket and Github, you can relate cards and commits easily.


Workers have their own workspace in the organization. A worker can create as many boards/groups as necessary and share content easily with a concrete strategy for avoiding security leaks.

Powerful Searches

Information is useful only when it can be easily found. Arcamens has with no doubt the most powerful search mechanism. It is possible to search for cards/posts based on notes, comments, owner, workers, attachments, created time using a fancy and flexible pattern filtering language.

About us

We are a small startup whose UI/UX values are targeted to building simple and flexible softwares. Simplicity takes one of its best role to help increasing people productivity. We also develop private business solutions.
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